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Who We Are

About Vibra-Sonic Control

We are Western Canada’s leading solutions provider of vibration isolation products and sound masking systems. Our company is built on a legacy of technical expertise and integrity. Our vision is to always provide our customers with best-in-class products and solutions that optimally meet their unique requirements. To uphold our reputation, we continuously develop knowledge in all areas of sound control.

Established in 1980, by founder Chris Wolfe, we provide best-in-class noise and vibration control products to Western Canadian businesses. Our clients include architects, professional engineers, original equipment manufacturers, interior designers, facility managers, property managers and contractors.

More than just products, our clients have come to know we put their needs first and provide a complete solution. First, we work to understand our clients’ situation and technical requirements. Then, we deliver the most appropriate products for the job in a complete project specific solution.


What We Do

Noise and Vibration Control Solutions

We solve noise and vibration challenges – it’s all we do, every day. Our business is based on trust. Trust that we will work to understand our clients’ projects and technical requirements. Trust that we will deliver a solution that is tailored to meet job specific specifications.

We are the professional’s go-to source for noise and vibration control solutions. Reducing noise and vibration levels in mechanical equipment, the environment or from human sources is our specialty.

Solving these sound issues through vibration isolation, sound masking, and noise control solutions is what we do, every day. More than just provide products, clients count on us to help solve their noise control and vibration problems. Reducing vibration levels and sound transmission, through smart, creative solutions that are tailored to their requirements, keeps our clients happy.

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Product Resources

Technical Noise Control and Vibration Reduction

To help you grow your noise control and vibration reduction knowledge, we created a resource centre. This knowledge bank includes technical information and sound control solutions for a range of environments. From creating an acoustically friendly open office environment to vibration isolation solutions for mechanical and electrical systems. The resource centre provides solution options such as vibration shock absorbers for vibration isolation.

We developed valuable resources in a variety of formats including articles, webinars, manuals, specification sheets and submittal forms. The articles are written by top industry experts. A number of the articles are based on research by the National Institute of Research in Construction.

Helpful, step-by-step product installation instructions are also provided within our resources. There is always something new to learn in the field of technical noise control and vibration control systems. Explore our resource centre to find the information you need or learn something new.

Your Noise and Vibration Control Partners

More than offering just products, our clients have come to know us as partners. We work closely with them to fully understand their situation, noise level challenges and technical requirements. This enables us to deliver the best noise reduction product recommendations for the job in a complete project specific solution.

Our vision is to always provide our customers with best-in-class products and solutions that optimally meet their unique requirements.

Our Feature Solution:

Flexible Metal Connectors

Flexible Connectors are essential in isolating the transfer of noise and vibration from equipment. Not only do they reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, flexible connectors have a number of other benefits.

  • Grooved Nipples
  • Raised Face Flanges
  • Threaded Nipples
  • Floating Flanges
  • Female Copper Sweat Ends