Vibration Isolation

Best-In-Class Mason Vibration Control Solutions

Vibration Isolation Through Best-In-Class Mason Vibration Control Solutions

Noise and vibration can result in risk to building owners. It can have a negative impact on the built environment and can cost a significant amount to fix.

Unhappy building occupants often complain. This erodes relationships and takes up time and energy. Finding a solution to keep occupants happy, saves both time and money.

Our vibration isolation solutions keep occupants happy. Our solutions control the negative impact of vibration in the built environment. They block unwanted sound which brings down the risk to building owners.

We are proud to be the Western Canadian representative for Mason Industries. For over 34 years we have worked with Mason. Much of our success in the fields of noise, vibration and seismic control is due to our direct relationship with Mason.

Consultants and architects throughout the world specify Mason products because of their high quality and reliability. The underlying engineering support that Mason provides supports their products’ success.

Vibra-Sonic Control is Canada’s Seismic Restraint Specialist

We calculate the higher level seismic anchorage requirements associated with isolated, floating systems. We work with critical building component suppliers, such as Emergency Generator and Power Transformer, and O.E.M.s.

Our approach is two-fold. We start by calculating the anchorage to meet or exceed post disaster seismic code requirements. We then send out the base equipment data and our calculations to an Independent Structural Engineer.

We work with engineers who specialize in seismic restraint or operational and function building components (OFCs). These engineering specialists review and provide certification under seal.

In most cases, we will run our calculations based on an earlier, more conservative code. The independent engineer runs the calculations on the most current code. This provides an important cross-check for us, the independent engineer and the building owner and occupants.

We carry a wide range of vibration isolation systems. The list below outlines the main categories of products that we offer. To view more product details in each category click on the link.

Vibration Isolation Products

Architectural acoustic product

Architectural Acoustic Products

These acoustical products work to greatly reduce unwanted noise in the built environment. This is done in a number of ways. One is containing sounds and vibrations within a space. The other is by isolating a space from an outside unwanted noise.

Our Architectural Acoustic Product team are here to help you determine the best solution to provide optimal product performance. Whatever approach is best for your environment, architectural soundproofing will create a significant reduction in noise and vibration.

Our products:

  • Building Isolation
  • Floating Floors
  • Floating Walls
  • Acoustical Ceiling Isolation

Speak with one of our Architectural Acoustic Product Experts. They will help you determine which product is best for your environment.

Spring mount to isolate vibration

Spring Mounts

Spring mounts isolate the vibration caused by electrical and floor mounted equipment. This includes rotating, floor mounted equipment. If there is an earthquake, Spring Mounts effectively isolate and restrain equipment. Spring mounts are a great product for seismic zone installations.

We are the proud supplier of Mason Industries Spring Isolator Mounts in Western Canada.

Common uses for Spring Isolator Mounts:

  • Fan Equipment
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Fan Heads
  • Blowers
  • Transformers
  • Pumps
  • Utility Sets
  • Compressors
  • Cooling Towers

Learn more about vibration isolation and seismic restraint for floor mounted equipment.

Neoprene synthetic rubber pad

Neoprene Mounts & Pads

Neoprene synthetic rubber is a very strong and versatile material. Its qualities that make it ideal for equipment vibration isolation. Machinery that generates high-frequency vibrations is a great fit for neoprene mounts and pads. Impact devices, such as punch presses, also benefit from the use of these products.

Our clients use neoprene mounts and pads for:

  • Seismic restraint
  • Shock absorbers for floor and wall mounted equipment

Neoprene pads are the low cost solution for minor vibration problems. We offer a full range of Mason Neoprene Pads.

Neoprene mounts are the right solution when the vibration isolation requirements are greater. We also offer mounts for seismic applications.

Learn more about common applications along with neoprene shock mounts and pad specifications.

Isolation hanger to prevent vibration transfer

Isolation Hangers

Suspended systems can transfer vibration into a building structure. To prevent this transfer, isolation hangers are the ideal product.

Hangers isolate ceiling suspended equipment and suspended systems such as piping and ductwork. Without hangers, vibration will transfer into the ceilings and structure.

Professional experts in isolation hangers, Mason manufactures a range of hangers to accommodate a variety of applications. This includes a seismic sway brace for seismic zones.

Seismically rated concrete anchor


These seismically rated concrete anchors are for securing isolators to a structure in the event of an earthquake.

Mason offers a variety of anchor types.The process to determine the best fit for your structure is best guided by one of our experts.

Bases rails and curbs

Bases, Rails & Curbs

Mounts and pads provide isolation for floor mounted equipment. To firmly hold the equipment in place, bases are necessary.

Bases, rails & curbs increase vibration isolation efficiency. Placed under floor mounted equipment they also stiffen equipment support points.

Mason Elastometric connectors

Elastomeric Connectors

We are proud to carry Mason Elastomeric Flex Connectors. The result of an evolution leading to the best Flex Connector for piping in the HVAC market. These connectors provide noise and elastomeric vibration isolation control and expansion compensation for piping.

Mason Flex connectors are the only elastomeric flex connectors on the market specifically designed to reduce acoustic energy in piping systems.

Stainless steel hose and expansion joints

Stainless Steel Hose & Expansion Joints

Noise control, vibration isolation, expansion and offset motion control for piping. Stainless Steel Hose & Expansion Joints are suitable for both high and low temperature. These products also work well in high pressure and full vacuum environments.

For specifications and fitting options, visit our product page.

Ball joints for piping

Ball Joints

Ball joints accommodate expansion and offset motion in piping. Specifically designed for high pressure or high temperature applications, such as high pressure steam, where safety is paramount. Ball joints work to maintain the integrity of a piping system.

Ball joints are perfect for ensuring leak-free and flexible piping, allowing for expansion and movement. This includes any environment where safety is critical including earthquake zones.

Specialty mount for moving environments

Specialty Mounts

Specialty Mounts are specifically designed for the transportation industry and other moving environments. For example, elevators are a great fit for these mounts. For moving environments, these stainless steel mesh specialty mounts are ideal. Airborne, marine, mobile and general service environments are a great fit for Specialty Mounts.

Specialty mounts work very well for steam or high temperature applications.