Flexible Metal Connectors

Flexible Connectors are essential in isolating the transfer of noise and vibration from equipment. Not only do they reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, flexible connectors have a number of other benefits. They increase the efficiency of equipment and the resulting noise reduction can improve working conditions in facilities and offices. These benefits make flexible connectors the best solution in many cases.

Braided Metal flexible connectors are used specifically for misalignment, expansion/contraction and mitigating pipe forces to the equipment. Metal connectors are necessary for corrosive fluids and gases or temperatures and pressures out of the rubber flex connector range.

We are proud to carry Mason Flexible Metal Connectors. A forward thinking, innovative company, Mason designed, engineered and marketed their own Stainless Steel Flex Connectors. Mason identified and addressed vibration isolation issues of equipment from piping and developed a superior product. Development included using ‘closed pitch’ (greater number of convolutions per inch) hose and establishing, through testing, the most effective length to achieve acceptable vibration isolation.

All their hard work, research, testing and development paid off. Mason Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Connectors are of outstanding quality with various fitting options, lengths and applications. Most of the connectors are Braided Flexible Connectors as being braided provides additional flexibility.

Learn about the interesting evolution of these Mason flexible stainless steel connectors.


  • In seismic areas, only the longer lengths should be used, if not Seismic ‘V-loops’, which incorporate 2 long length, ‘closed’ pitch connectors, set at an appropriate angle to each other, in the assembly, such that large movements in all three planes is accommodated during a dynamic event.
  • Very Low or Very High Temperature Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • High Pressure Systems
  • Refrigerant Service
  • Fire Protection Systems

Fitting Options

Flexible Metal Connectors - Fitting Options

Braided Annular Flexible Hose

Braided Vee Hose

UL Listed Braided Annular and Vee Hose

CSA Series Hoses – Tested, Inspected and Tagged Gas Hoses

Expansion Compensators & Housed Expansion Joints

Stainless Steel Bellows Expansion Joints


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