Isolation Hangers

Sound Isolation Ceiling Hangers

Ceiling Isolation Hangers are used to isolate suspended ceilings and systems from transferring vibration into the structure. Typically, structural ceilings will have a drop ceiling below creating a plenum between the two ceilings where piping, ducting and electrical services are located. Without isolation hangers, vibration will transfer into the ceilings and structure.

We are proud to carry Mason Vibration Isolation Hangers. Professional experts in isolation hangers, Mason manufactures a number of different hangers to accommodate a variety of applications. From spring hangers, suitable for low frequency vibration, rubber hangers for high frequency vibration to combination hangers that can handle both low and high frequency vibration. For seismic zones, Mason offers their Seismic Sway Brace System to safely prevent suspended materials from swinging out of control during earthquakes or when exposed to wind.

The cost of Isolation Hangers is a small percentage of a mechanical ceiling. Yet, it is very important that these sensitive systems are procured and installed correctly for optimal results. Explore our products below or contact us for assistance.

Some common Isolation Hanger applications are:

  • Ducts
  • Pipes
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Suspended Ceilings
Spring Ceiling Hangers Cutaway

Spring Vibration Isolation Hangers

Mason Spring Hangers are designed for isolating vibration and controlling the noise produced by suspended equipment. Commonly used for suspended equipment such as pipes, ducts, fans, A/C and other hanging structures, Mason Spring Hangers are designed to ensure effective noise and vibration dampening, even in challenging industrial environments.

All of the Mason hangers are pre-compressed. This is much easier for contractors than installing a hanger that is not pre-compressed.

  • HS Hangers (PCHS, PCHSS, RWHS, WHS)
  • IM Hangers

30° Swing Spring Hangers

  • 30 Hangers (PC30, PC30S, RW30, W30)
  • 30N Hangers (PC30N, PC30NS, RW30N, W30N)

Neoprene Ceiling Hangers

Neoprene Hangers are effective for environments where the goal is noise control and a reduction of minor vibration levels. A less expensive option than Spring Hangers, they are best suited to situations that call for a moderate solution.

  • HD Hangers (RWHD, WHD)
  • WHR Hangers (CRCH)
Neoprene Ceiling Hanger

Combination Spring and Neoprene Hangers

Masons’ Combination Hangers are a combo of both Spring and Neoprene Hangers. They are typically used in situations that require the isolation of noise and vibration in suspended mechanical equipment. These hangers handle both low and high frequency vibration.

  • W Hangers (W30, W30N)
  • 30N-100 Hangers (PC30N-100, PC30NS-100, RW30N-100)
  • 30N-1000 Series (30N-1000 3”, 30N-1000 4”, PC30NS-1000 3”, RW30N-1000 3”, PC30NS-1000 4”, RW30N-1000 4”)

Seismic Sway Brace Systems

Seismic Sway Brace Systems are used in seismic zones to prevent suspended equipment from swaying during earthquakes or when exposed to wind.

  • SCB – Seismic Cable Brace Swivel Anchor
  • SSBS – Seismic Solid Brace Strut Anchor
  • SSB – Seismic Solid Brace Swivel Anchor with All Parts Electro-Galvanized
  • SCBH – Seismic Cable Brace Hook Anchor and Assembly
  • SCBV – Seismic Cable Brace Vise Anchor and Assembly
  • SCBA Assembly – Two SCB Swivel Anchors Attached to Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • SRC – Seismic Rod Clamp with Plated Nut and Bolt and Painted Clamp
  • UC – Seismic Rod Clamp for Strut Channel
  • CCB – Clevis Cross Brace
  • PCCB – Push-on Clevis Cross Brace
  • SHB – Seismic Hook Brace
  • SFB – Seismic Fork Brace
  • JAH – Joist Attachment Hardware
  • SLDB – Seismic Load Bracket


  • VSG – Vertical Sliding Guide
  • SWS – Split Acoustical Wall Seals for Pipe
  • SPS – Spool Type Acoustical Pipe Seals
  • WBI & WBD – Thrust Restraints
  • HG – Rod Isolation Washer-Bushing
  • HES Hangers – Pipe Expansion Hangers