Spring Isolator Mounts

Spring mounts are used to isolate the vibration created by rotating equipment and electrical equipment from entering into the structure. Also known as, Spring Vibration Isolators, these mounts are combined with one or more springs and placed under the equipment. The spring allows for free oscillation of the equipment with minimal transfer of energy into the structure. In seismic zones, seismic anti vibration spring mounts are used to both isolate and restrain the equipment in case of an earthquake.

We are the proud supplier of Mason Industries Spring Isolator Mounts in Western Canada. A manufacturer of Vibration Control products for over 60 years, Mason continues to innovate and manufacture top quality vibration isolation products.

Common uses for Spring Isolator Mounts:

  • Fan Equipment
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Fan Heads
  • Blowers
  • Transformers
  • Pumps
  • Utility Sets
  • Compressors
  • Cooling Towers
HVAC unit with 1" deflection SLF spring mounts

Free Standing Spring Mounts

Mason produces 2 types of Free Standing Spring Mounts – SLF and SLFH. SLF mounts are recommended for all vibration control applications where it is not necessary to cope with weight removal or seismic and wind load problems.

SLF mounts and SLFH mounts are essentially identical except that that the SLFH series of mounts have a 2 hole moulded, non-skid, neoprene covered base plate. As it is expensive to bolt mountings down, and any bolting procedure tends to bypass the acoustical action of the neoprene pad on the bottom of the mounting, the Type SLF is strongly recommended unless the SLFH must be used because of elevated installations on steel beams, etc.

Single and Multiple Housed Spring Mounts

These, Type “C” mountings, are specifically designed for noise and vibration free application in critical areas on light concrete or wooden floors. They provide a packaged solution to troublesome vibration problems.

As the static deflection of a spring is greater than most rubber materials, these Single and Multiple Housed Spring Mounts will perform best where it is necessary to establish low natural frequencies or to use a mounting that is more yielding than the supporting floor.

Spring Mounts for Seismic and Restrained Service

The SLR and SLRSO Mounts are installed in seismic zones and are used to both isolate and restrain equipment in case of an earthquake.

Housed Single Spring Mounts for Seismic and Restrained Service

These mounts are similar to the SLR and SLRSO, however, they are contained in Ductile Iron Housing. The housing includes a baseplate with either 2 or 4 holes to allow for plug welding or bolting.

Jack Up Spring Mounts

These are concrete inserted, single and multiple spring mounts with side access and top access and hydraulic adjustment. The KIP, KI and KIJ mounts provide many size, rating, dimension and color options.

Free Standing and Restrained Air Springs Mounts

The upper and lower steel sections in Air Spring Mounts are connected by a replaceable flexible nylon reinforced neoprene cover and liner. Called a Twin Sphere, this neoprene element comes with a Nylon tire cord reinforcement.

Both these systems are connected to either the building control air or a supplementary air supply and equipped with three levelling valves.

The SLR-MT products are welded restrained Twin Sphere Air Spring Mounts. They have plates on the top and bottom with holes for bolts. If not using for seismic or wind resistance and bolts are not required, there is a non-skid neoprene friction pad on the base.

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