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December 10, 2021

AtlasIED Sound Masking Systems Maintain Speech Privacy for Tenants in Canadian Business

After analyzing the infrastructure, acoustical characteristics, and sound masking needs of each office space, Vibra-Sonic created a comprehensive blueprint indicating speaker and controller locations to ensure optimal performance.

AV Magazine
December 9, 2021

Massive Sound Masking Project at Calgary’s Tallest Building

As the property management firm’s chosen sound masking contractor, AtlasIED dealer Vibra-Sonic Control custom-designed, engineered, and calibrated speech privacy solutions, creating a comprehensive blueprint indicating speaker and controller locations.

December 9, 2021

Massive AtlasIED Sound-Masking Rollout in Calgary’s Tallest Building

One of the company’s dealers, Vibra-Sonic Control, is the property management firm’s chosen sound-masking contractor. The firm custom-designed, engineered and calibrated speech-privacy solutions for a variety of offices, boardrooms and meeting spaces for five different client tenants.

June 4, 2021

Podcast: Solving Sound Problems in Your Workspaces

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Sound issues can create a very negative experience in the workplace and can lead to confidentiality breaches and unwanted distractions for employees and visitors. The good news is there are solutions that can solve sound problems.

Award Magazine
February 2020

Audio Visual Systems Transition to a New Era of Technology

Managing ambient noise is crucial to the success of any AV system in any setting, and one company considered to be an authority in the field of sound masking is Vibra-Sonic Control, which is renowned for its vibration isolation products and seismic restraint of resiliency mounted systems.

Award Magazine
February 2019

The Long-Term Value of Professionals in the World of Audio Visual Systems

Last but not least, Danielle Macey, workplace acoustics specialist and partner with Vibra-Sonic Control, is excited about a new system that will help her company continue to fulfill its mandate of effectively addressing a wide variety of noise and vibration issues.

Award Magazine
April 2018

Forward-thinking Electrical Engineers are Elevating Home Control and Communication Systems to a New Level

Even though Vibra-Sonic Control is not a company of electrical engineers, its work with sound masking brings the team into contact with plenty of electrical and communication systems.

Award Magazine
December 2016

Welcome to a New Generation of Hyper-efficient, Ultra-effective Wall and Ceiling Options

Increasingly, designers aren’t just concerned with how a space looks; how it sounds can matter just as much. “Acoustic performance is being linked to better employee performance in offices, better outcomes in hospitals and better test scores in schools”.

Award Magazine
August 2016

New Data Shows Energy Savings Benefits of Mechanical HVAC Systems

Vibra-Sonic Control was established in 1980 on the premise that a company specializing solely in noise and vibration control products would fill a significant void in the market – and this has proven to be the case…