Floating Floors

New Construction and Retrofits:

Be Confident. Use Mason Engineered Acoustic Floating Floor Systems.

Control noise and vibration between noisy and quiet environments

Floating floors systems are used for many purposes, predominantly to prevent noise passing through the floor but also to isolate against vibration and impact.

Architects and acoustic consultants will spec acoustic floating floors to control the transmission of noise or vibration between noisy and quiet environments. Typically, acoustically isolated walls and ceilings are built on the floating floor to create a ‘box-in-box’ construction. This solution greatly reduces the noise levels or energy transmitted to the quieter area.

Typical Applications for New Construction and Retrofits: 

Gyms, courts (squash, basketball, etc), mechanical rooms, generator rooms, transformer rooms, theatres, studios, commercial kitchens

Technical Data for Floating floors in High Impact Areas like gyms and fitness centres

Mason Acoustic Floating Floor Solutions:

Vibra-Sonic Control offers a  full-service solution including design and engineering, backed by almost 40 years of installation experience across the city.in Western Canada. Floating floor systems work best when attention is paid to the details, and the Vibra-Sonic Team ensure a seamless solution. We are the exclusive Western Canadian representative of world-class Mason Industries solutions who have been floating floors, suspending ceilings and isolating walls around the world for almost 45 years.

Looking for more information about Acoustic Floating Floor solutions? Contact us for technical advice, specification details, solution test data or a quote.

Recent Floating Floor Projects in Western Canada:

Steve Nash Fitness World at High Street

/ /
When a 60 lb kettlebell dropped from knee height was enough to rattle the windows of the retail tenant below, this popular fitness centre solved the problem with a floating floor.
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Anvil Centre

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Anvil Centre is a four-story civic facility with conference facilities, multi-purpose rooms and studios and a flexible 350 non-proscenium theatre. The theatre can be used in a number of configurations with retractable seating without overloading the floor mounts. The rooftop floating slab mitigates any noise from nearby aircraft.
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Woodward’s Redevelopment / SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

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Eight floating floors were required for the SFU School of Contemporary Arts project. This solution ensured noise from a generator on an upper floor did not negatively impact the theatres or office spaces within the complex.
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