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When rooms have a lot of hard surfaces and lack adequate absorptive elements, the sounds within them bounce around from surface to surface. These sounds take a long time to die down which can create an echo effect. Uncomfortable for the occupants, the echo effect makes conversations within these spaces difficult to understand.

The solution is often to add more absorption to the space and can be done in a variety of ways. Some common absorptive elements that can easily be added to a room are carpet, acoustic ceiling tiles or baffles, and acoustic wall panels. Depending on the available surfaces in your room, your desired aesthetic and your budget, there is a solution that best fits your environment. Our Workplace Acoustics team will work with you to determine the best solution to provide the most noticeable results.

We proudly supply Primacoustic and ezoBord acoustic panels. These outstanding acoustical solutions offer effective reduction of reverberation. Primacoustic and ezoBord acoustic panels are both relatively easy to install.

Light grey acoustic wall panel with white stars in office alcove above two blue chairs and brown coffee table

A leader in the field of acoustics, Primacoustic offers a high performance range of acoustic products.

Founded in 2000, the strength of this line lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Beginning with a no-compromise approach to acoustical performance, the end result is high quality products at a reasonable price. For example, their Broadway acoustic panels are as good, if not better, than the most expensive panels made today.

This unique selling point is achieved by following the ‘Model T Ford approach’. Primacoustic mass produces a limited selection to keep their costs low.

Primacoustic specializes in the design of acoustical products that meet the needs of various applications and markets. This includes acoustic solutions that are highly beneficial for businesses. Primacoustics’ product, ThunderTile™, not only improves in-room sound quality but also works to keep the sound inside the meeting room.

Primacoustic offers a wide range of acoustic products, from wall acoustic panels for call centres to baffles for gyms and industry. They even manufacture bass traps and diffusers for high-end control rooms and audiophile listening spaces. Each product is designed to deliver maximum performance for the very best value.

Broadway™ Acoustic Panels

Designed to control excessive reverberation in indoor spaces, Primacoustic Broadway™ panels offer a range of styles that are wrapped in absorptive fabric. Broadway sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted for acoustic treatment in numerous applications.

They are available in a number of sizes. Gyms, restaurants and classrooms are just some of the applications for noise reduction.

Acoustic wall panels painted with electric guitar in office boardroom

Paintable/Printable Panels Acoustic Panels
Made from high density glass wool these sound absorbing acoustic panels are coated with a breathable latex finish. This finish allows them to be spray-painted or printed on without affecting (acoustic) delete word ‘acoustic’ performance.

The acoustic panels have a white finish and can be painted in any color. Using UV flatbed printer technology, the panels work well as a surface for logos, custom graphics or photos. With the Primacoustics’ Paintable/Printable panels, complete customization of your (acoustic) Delete word ‘acoustic’ treatment can be done to perfectly match any decor.

Paintables absorb sound in a balanced way at all frequencies, and are available in a variety of sizes. This makes them a great fit for both large scale and small room installations. Due to their customizable nature and ability to reduce noise, these acoustic panels work exceptionally well in office environments. Boardrooms, offices, video conferencing rooms, call centers and huddle rooms all greatly benefit from the addition of Primacoustic Paintable/Printable acoustic panels.

Houses-of-worship, airports and restaurants greatly benefit from the installation of these sound absorbing material panels. Recording studios of all sizes and broadcast facilities.

Cloud Paintables™

Cloud Paintables™ are a collection of differently shaped acoustic panels. Their unique sizes and shapes allow room designers, architects and installers to develop innovative solutions that are bold and architecturally pleasing. To solve acoustical issues they are used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels. Cloud Paintables work to reduce reverberation, improve intelligibility and improve sound quality.

Paintables are completely enclosed in micromesh with resin-hardened edges. They are factory finished on all sides in Absolute White™ latex.

Unique to their design is a proprietary textured surface. Paint can be lightly sprayed on the textured panels and it will not affect performance. This is a great design feature as acoustic panels can be sprayed to match decor and existing paint colors.

All acoustic panels are made from high-density glass wool. This results in outstandingly even sound absorption. These exceptional sound absorbing panels are easy to install.

Restaurants, lobbies, gymnasiums are a great fit for Cloud Paintables.


The Primacoustic StratoTile™ is a great looking high-performance ceiling tile made from high-density glass wool for added absorption. This helps improve intelligibility by attenuating flutter echo and reducing first order reflections. The front surface is finished in Absolute White™ for excellent reflectivity or can be repainted to suit.


The Primacoustic ThunderTile™ is a unique acoustic T-bar ceiling tile. It combines the remarkable absorption characteristics of high density glass wool with the sound-blocking attributes of gypsum board. Once installed, ThunderTiles provide effective control of the reverberant field while getting rid of bothersome primary reflections that make communication difficult. Panels are finished in Absolute White™ for optimum reflectance and may also be painted to suit.

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EzoBord were pioneers in the field of design driven acoustics. Founded in 2008, they have pushed the boundaries with a unique range of fully customizable sound absorption panel products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications.

With flexibility in design being a key feature of ezoBord products, the company offers a true design driven acoustic solution. With a wide range of design and color options, ezoBord products offer endless customizable possibilities. Whether it be for conference rooms, open office, classroom or library, ezoBord’s range of sound products has a solution to improve the acoustics in your space, beautifully.

EzoBord specializes in a fully recyclable acoustic material made from PET plastic. You can feel great about how the product looks and feel confident knowing that it’s fully recyclable.

ezoBord acoustical panel workplace product

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