Acoustic Panels

Great Sounding Rooms Made Easy!

We proudly supply the Primacoustic range of acoustic materials which provide the effective reduction of reverberation at a great price.

Broadway Acoustic Panels

Designed to control excessive reverberation in indoor spaces, Primacoustic Broadway™ offer a range of absorptive panels that are wrapped in fabric. Broadway sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted for acoustic treatment in numerous applications and are available in a number of sizes. The applications for noise reduction include studios, classrooms, restaurants, gymnasiums and industrial noise control.

The sound panels are offered in three neutral colors: beige, black or grey fabric or Absolute White™ paintable finish. Four standard sizes are available at up to 3″ (7.5cm) thickness with a choice of beveled or square edges in most sizes.

Ease of use is one of the real advantages of Broadway acoustic panels. Installing the panels is as easy as hanging pictures. This means the panels can be easily moved and clean up is just a matter of filling a screw hold and touching up paint.

Scatter Blocks Broadway Acoustic Panels - Scatter Blocks
Control Columns Broadway Acoustic Panels - Control Columns
Control Cubes Broadway Acoustic Panels - Control Cubes
Broadband Panels Broadway Acoustic Panels - Broadband Panels

Cloud Paintables

Cloud Paintables™ are a collection of differently shaped acoustic panels. Their unique sizes and shapes allow designers, architects and installers to develop innovative solutions that are bold and architecturally pleasing. To solve acoustical issues they are used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce reverberation and improve intelligibility.

Paintables are completely encapsulated in micromesh with resin-hardened edges, and are factory finished on all sides in Absolute White™ latex. Unique to their design is a proprietary textured surface that enables one to lightly spray paint the panels to match room colors and décor without affecting performance.

All panels are made from high-density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool. This results in outstandingly even sound absorption. These exceptional sound absorbing panels are easy to install.

Included with the sound panels are Helix™ cloud anchors and SlipNot™ suspension cables allowing the cloud panels to be suspended horizontally from the ceiling. Cloud Paintables can also be wall mounted using Surface Impalers or installed as vertically hanging baffles using Corkscrew™ anchors (sold separately).

Spaces such as restaurants, lobbies, gymnasiums or any other space where unobtrusive acoustic treatment is desired are a great fit for Cloud Paintables. Not only do these sound absorbing acoustic panels reduce noise and improve sound quality, but their unique shapes and sizes allow for the creation of architecturally pleasing environments.

Cirrus Cloud Paintables - Cirrus
Hexus Cloud Paintables - Hexus
Altos Cloud Paintables - Altos


The Acoustic Lantern is an innovative hanging absorber that combines the benefits of a suspended baffle with a design element that is reminiscent of popular lanterns used around the globe. Particularly effective in large open spaces where traditional wall mounted acoustic panels do not provide enough absorption. The Lanterns are perfect for demanding locations where blending the acoustics into the existing décor is of utmost importance.

Acoustic Lanterns are available in three fabric colors: black, beige and grey.

Fiesta Acoustic Lantern - Fiesta
Dragon Acoustic Lantern - Dragon
Shoji Acoustic Lantern - Shoji
Tiki Acoustic Lantern - Tiki


The Nimbus™ is an easy to use 24” x 48” x 1.5” (610mm x 1219mm x 38mm) acoustic cloud kit designed to attenuate ambient noise and control low, mid and high frequency reflections. The Nimbus is generally placed above an area where a reduction in sound level is desired such as restaurant tables, library reading zones or boardrooms. The Nimbus is available in black, beige or grey fabric or in Absolute White™ paintable finish.


Saturna + Saturna LP

The Primacoustic Saturna™ is a high performance acoustic baffle that is designed to be suspended perpendicular to tall ceilings. Particularly effective in large open spaces where traditional wall mounted acoustic panels do not provide enough absorption such gymnasiums, convention centres, large conference rooms, warehouses and industrial applications. The Saturna is perfect for demanding installations where sound control and an attractive appearance are equally important.

For the lower ceilings found in community halls, office spaces, and retail facilities, the low profile Saturna LP provides the same control without sacrificing ceiling height. The Saturna is available in black, beige or grey fabric or Absolute White™ paintable finish.

After installing the Saturn or the Saturna LP, the results are noticeable right away with improved intelligibility, shorter reverberation time and less room chatter. Saturn baffles are 2 times the density of most acoustic baffles. this means you will also enjoy greater low frequency absorption and a more natural sounding room.

The Primacoustic Saturna™


The Stratus™ is a precision crafted 24” x 48” x 2” (610mm x 1219mm x 57mm) acoustic cloud. It is positioned above the listening area to eliminate ceiling to floor standing waves, early reflections and flutter echo. When installed, the Stratus delivers greater intimacy, a larger sweet spot and better stereo imaging. The Stratus is available in black, beige or grey fabric or in Absolute White™ paintable finish with an aluminum frame.


The Primacoustic StratoTile™ is a great looking high-performance ceiling tile made from high-density glass wool for added absorption in the critical voice range. This helps improve intelligibility by attenuating flutter echo and reducing first order reflections. The front surface is finished in Absolute White™ for excellent reflectivity or can be repainted to suit.


The Primacoustic ThunderTile™ is a unique acoustic T-bar ceiling tile that combines the remarkable absorption characteristics of high density glass wool with the sound-blocking attributes of gypsum board. Once installed, ThunderTiles provide effective control of the reverberant field while eliminating bothersome primary reflections that make communication difficult. Panels are finished in Absolute White™ for optimum reflectance and may also be painted to suit.

Paintables Are Also Printable!

The unique coated surface of the Paintables panels can be custom printed at your local print shop. Using UV flatbed printer technology, many commercial printers can apply custom graphics, photos, logos, or the image of your choice to the face of the panel. This high-resolution printing applies a thin coating in vivid color without affecting the acoustic performance of the panel. Complete customization of your acoustic treatment is now possible.

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