Noise Control Products

Solutions For Industrial, Institutional, Commercial and Residential Buildings

Mechanical Noise Control Products and Solutions

Mechanical and environment noise can be a problematic distraction to people who live, work or learn in one of these buildings. The most efficient and effective way to reduce this airborne noise is with mechanical noise control products and solutions. Serving a variety of clients and offering five system and application types, we will have a solution to meet your needs.

We are proud to be representatives for Parklane Mechanical Acoustics’ noise control products and solutions. Parklane has provided noise control solutions in Eastern Canada since 1992. At Vibra-Sonic Control, we offer Parklane products in British Columbia to industrial, institutional, commercial and residential buildings.

Parklane’s high-performance noise solution product and service offerings are divided into the following five categories. Acoustic barriers & screens, acoustic enclosures, silencer systems, retrofit for compliance, as well as, acoustic plenums and louvered penthouses. Products are offered individually or combined into one integrated system customized to meet your precise technical specifications.

Acoustic barriers and screens are used for mechanical noise control. They work to reduce noise levels from multiple sources in one location. The acoustic barriers and acoustic screens block sounds as they act as an effective sound barrier. Learn more about this solution to mechanical noise distractions.
Acoustic Enclosures
Our acoustic enclosures provide complete system shielding when guaranteed noise reduction is required. Noise enclosures are designed to meet site specific sound attenuation criteria to block the noise source.
Silencer Systems
Silencer systems provide noise control solutions for specific types of mechanical equipment. This equipment includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Silencer systems can be used in both exterior and interior settings.
Retrofit for Compliance
Our process ensures that under performing systems retrofit for compliance. We follow remedial retrofit measures to bring under performing systems into full regulatory compliance. View our well designed retrofit process.
Acoustic Plenums & Louvered Penthouses
Acoustic Plenums are acoustically lined with sound absorbing material to reduce noise levels through mixed air spaces.

Louvered penthouses are a solution for exterior fan noise issues. They act as an open draft weather enclosure and serve as an effective noise reduction system.

Both of these products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a buildings’ architecture, design and integration requirements. Learn about the unique set of features and benefits that these products provide.

Who We Serve

For nearly 30 years, Parklane Mechanical Acoustics has built strong relationships with clients across the industrial, commercial, institutional and high-rise residential sectors.

With vast experience in these four sectors, Parklane offers noise control products and solutions tailored to the sectors specific requirements. This is one of the reasons Parklane is a true leader in noise control. We are proud to represent Parklane and serve organizations in BC.

We offer commercial building noise control solutions for a range of building types. These include office buildings, retail stores, big box retail, restaurants, hotels and distribution warehouses. Contact one of our in-house experts to learn more about this offering.

Our institutional offerings are for hospitals, long-term care homes, universities, colleges and public buildings. We are specialists in this area and offer products and solutions to fit the specific requirements of institutions.

Industrial Noise Control Product and service offerings for power plants, manufacturing facilities, CHP plants and data centre applications. Parklane is a true expert in industrial noise control.

Mechanical and environmental noise can be a real problem for condominium owners and tenants. We provide effective noise control products and solutions to mitigate this issue. Our residential solutions for condos cover low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings.

Contact one of our Technical Sales Representatives to find out how we can help provide an effective, customized solution to your noise control challenges.