Sound Masking

Sound Masking Systems For the Workplace

Control the impact of noise on productivity and privacy

High Tech Sound Masking Solution for the Workplace

Our Workplace Acoustic Solutions offer high-tech sound masking that controls the impact of noise on productivity and privacy. Sound masking is used to reduce speech intelligibility, which can improve privacy and lessen the impact of noise on productivity.

Understanding the background noise problem in open offices – the ABC’s

The A’s – Absorption: Furnishings, acoustic panels and tiles are designed to absorb sound. When absorptive elements are added to a room, acoustical comfort increases.

The B’s – Blocking: Walls, doors, and windows are barriers that stop noise from travelling from one space to another.

The C’s – Covering: HVAC systems or Sound Masking raise the ambient sound level in the space. This is done to interfere with speech sounds and distracting noises.

It is imperative that the design of today’s higher density office spaces includes appropriate amounts of each of these elements. This is critical to achieve a good acoustical environment. It makes good business sense to include a Sound Masking System in budget planning.

How Sound Masking Works

Sound Masking Products ‘mask’ the intelligibility of speech sounds originating from neighbouring office areas. They do this by adding an acoustically tuned ambient background sound into the environment. The increase in ambient sound level helps distracting noises and speech sounds blend into the background.

Originally used in corridors and highly confidential areas, now it’s most commonly used in open-plan office spaces. Our sound masking experts can provide more information and help you purchase the right system for your needs.

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Benefits of Top Performing Sound Masking Systems

  • Improve Workplace Acoustics
    Improves Workplace Acoustics
  • Assist in HIPAA Compliance
    Assists in HIPAA Compliance
  • Protect Confidential Conversations
    Protects confidential conversations
  • Reduce Built-Out Costs
    Reduces build-out costs
  • Overcome Designs Challenges
    Overcomes design challenges

Features of Top Performing Systems

These features of top performing systems are all standard with Vibra-Sonic Control Sound Masking Systems. They allow the system to achieve the specified frequency spectrum in order to effectively cover speech sounds and noise distractions. At the same time they will produce a soft homogeneously distributed sound.

Sound spectrum adjustment allowances are an essential part of sound masking. Various qualities such as the size, finishings and layout of the space will affect how sound behaves.

A system that includes a 1/3 octave equalizer allows the Sound Masking System to be fine-tuned. Initially, pink noise is generated and then calibrated to the original specifications or national standard sound masking spectrum.

On large projects, zones and floors will require unique, independent spectrum development depending on their needs. Centralized Digital Systems work well on large projects to provide one central control for all areas and/or floors. In the planning phase, volume requirements and other parameters are discussed, planned and then implemented.

Upward Emitting Speakers
Speakers are installed upwards to emit sound that results in an even distribution of sound masking. This installation process is done in both open and closed office environments. Specifically, speakers are installed in the plenum space above the ceiling tiles facing upwards. The sound bounces off the structural ceiling above and is reflected downwards through acoustic tiles into the room below.

Adaptable Speakers
Speakers are adaptable and offered in various models. This is to accommodate open ceiling applications or unique spaces in which facing the speaker down is required. Additionally, the speakers have individual volume controls so that fine adjustments can be made in localized areas.

Expert Speaker Layout
Sound masking speakers are installed in a grid pattern to make certain sound masking is consistently distributed throughout the environment. Design of the speaker layout is best done by a Sound Masking Professional to achieve optimal results. This will ensure that all characteristics of the environment are taken into consideration when establishing the layout.

Sound Masking technology should be used in conjunction with other products. These include high quality acoustic tiles, other absorptive elements and barrier components to maximize overall effectiveness.

Value Added Options:

Rather than installing another speaker system, the paging function in our processors can be used.

This saves the cost of installing a second speaker system with its associated components.

Background Music
Music can be added to defined areas within the environment.

Adjust the system’s volume at specific times each day when office activity is higher or lower.

Speech Privacy Enhancement
For those highly confidential conversations. With the push of a button the masking volume increases in an area adjacent to an office or meeting. This means the conversation has a higher level of privacy.

Critical Issues & Considerations

  • Sound masking must be quiet, subdued and natural sounding. To people working in the area, masking should sound natural.
  • Consistency with the response to sound by human ears is critical. This is done by matching the shape of the sound spectrum to human ears. In most cases the criteria is on NC-38-40 curve.
  • Up front auditing and planning for the entire space is critical to success. It is beneficial to consider other workplace acoustic products to maximize results. For example, acoustic panels work in conjunction with sound masking products.
  • Sound Masking is best introduced before people move into a workplace. However, in many cases it must be installed in an existing office space. In this case, it is best introduced slowly over a period of time. This way the introduction will be less noticeable and any disruption to the working environment minimal.
  • It is important that the Sound Masking be as homogenous as possible throughout the sound masked area. Yet, at the same time be flexible enough to be locally adjustable to address individual preferences.
  • This local volume control is important to localized building environments. Specifically, where an increase or decrease in the background sound level may be generated in the space.

Our Products

AtlasIED LogoWe are proud to be Canada’s Premier Dealer of AtlasIED sound masking solutions. The full range of products includes speakers, amplifiers, generators and processors. We offer solutions to meet any design size or challenge including large, open concept offices to small, single spaces.

Atlas MG2240

ASP - MG2240

A compact, two-zone sound masking controller with integrated amplification.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two-channels of amplification
  • Separate analog masking generators with EQ,
  • 24/7 scheduler,
  • Balanced Mic / Line input,
  • Auxiliary input for background audio and a line output.
  • The PC control software allows the user to customize the system to meet installation needs.
Atlas Z-Series


An all-in-one sound masking solution for corporate offices, health clinics, and hospitality applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • High quality indirect or direct field sound masking.
  • Onboard DSP, to conform to most design requirements. At the same time the Z Series is intuitive enough for quick installation and simple user operation.
  • Privacy engage feature allows a user to instantly turn sound masking on or off. With the flip of a switch it can be turned off or on in conference rooms, law offices, and health clinics.
  • Includes background music and paging.
  • Available in 2 or 4 zone models
Atlas M1000


Designed to accurately reproduce the required spectrum of masking signal into the plenum space. The M1000 sound masking speaker assembly is innovative and high efficiency.

The innovative 734 cubic inch square enclosure ensures ample low frequency response. A specially designed 8″ dual cone speaker is included in the package.

A high efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled to an external tap selector switch for easy system tuning.

Atlas M1000-R-W


The perfect solution for contemporary office spaces where open ceiling architecture allows the speakers to be visible. The M1000R-W offers a sleek, round design and low gloss white or black finish. This design blends in nicely with painted ductwork, lighting, and other devices suspended in the open plenum.

The M1000R-W is also UL 1480 & 2043 listed just like the M1000 speaker for closed ceiling applications.

Applications Where Sound Masking is Beneficial:

•  Open Plan Office Environments
•  Call Centres
•  Private Offices
•  CEO Offices
•  Meeting Rooms & Boardrooms
•  Reception Areas (hard surfaces)
•  Lunch areas
•  Interview Rooms
•  Libraries
•  Interrogation Rooms
•  Breakout Rooms
•  Administration
•  Human Resources
•  Class Rooms
•  Media Rooms
•  Waiting areas
•  Medical Facilities
•  Treatment Rooms
•  Urgent Care
•  Mental Health Clinics
•  Observation Rooms
•  Lounges
•  Corporate Espionage Prevention. Microphones can be hidden in the ceiling plenum or a laser beam can be directed at the window. Whatever the potential confidentiality breach, we have systems to block them.

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