Louvered Penthouses

Your Complete System Shielding Solution

Acoustic Plenums & Louvered Penthouses

Parklane Mechanical Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouses provide buildings with a unique set of features and benefits. Both products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a buildings’ architecture, design and integration requirements.

Acoustic Plenums allow for the circulation of conditioned or heated air by providing more space. This extra space also makes for easier maintenance between multiple elements in an HVAC system. Acoustically lined plenums provide insertion loss through absorptive dissipation of sound travelling through the mixed air space.

Louvered Penthouses are a noise control solution for exterior fan arrangements. They can be acoustically retrofitted to provide the optimal level of sound reduction.


Field-Fit Integration
To best fit as-built field conditions, advanced 3D modelling and site metrology practices are used. These tools allow for design to smoothly integrate with the existing environment.

Integral Structure
Environmental load conditions may need to be considered when installing Acoustic Plenums or Louvered Penthouses. To provide this support, structural support can be designed and built into the plenum body.

Customized Access
To suit equipment and site specific requirements, STC-rated access and egress can be accommodated to meet these requirements.

Engineered Acoustic Louvers
Acoustic Louvers are designed with the varying aero acoustic performance requirements in mind. They can be hinged to provide access at anytime to the inside of the plenum or penthouse.

Custom Material Selection and Finish
Plenums and Louvered Penthouses can be customized to fit with the building architecture, to meet environmental conditions and budget requirements.

Modular vs. Knock-Down Delivery
These noise control product solutions, can be provided as either monolithic modular systems or as knock-down kits.

Knock-down kits are shipped as loose components for complete onsite field assembly. Detailed assembly instructions and clear component labelling are provided.

Shipped fully assembled, modular systems facilitate rapid on-site installation. Factory installation of accessories such as interior lighting, filter racks and dampers can be included with modular systems.


  • Rooftop Condensing UnitsIndustry - Food Production
  • Smoke Control Exhaust FansIndustry - Commercial, Transitional Housing
  • Make-up Air SystemIndustry - Food Production
  • High Plume Dilution FanIndustry - Educational
  • Engine Room IntakeIndustry - Industrial, Power Generation