Acoustic Solutions

Noise & Vibration Control that works.

We solve sound issues every day through vibration isolation, sound masking, and noise control solutions. More than just provide acoustic products, clients count on us to help solve their problems.

Our technical experts design and deliver noise and vibration solutions that solve noise problems from mechanical systems, environmental or human sources. The result is that commercial, institutional & mixed-use building owners avoid risk. They save the costly impact to productivity, privacy or quality of life to their customers or end-users

Noise and Vibration Control Products and Systems that we provide:

Vibration isolation and seismic restraint for mechanical equipment in the built environment featuring best-in-class Mason vibration control solutions. We are Canada's Seismic Restraint Specialist. Explore our range of vibration isolation and seismic restraint products.
Increase workplace privacy and productivity with our High Tech Sound Masking & Acoustic Panels for the Workplace. Sound masking reduces transmitted voice sounds. Acoustic panels increase sound absorption in rooms with echo effect from sounds bouncing around on hard surfaces that lack absorptive elements. We offer a range of acoustic treatments from wall panels to ceiling tiles.
We offer Architectural acoustics solutions that significantly reduce unwanted noise in the built environment. Proud to partner with the industry leaders Mason Industries and Regupol Acoustics offering a range of products. Floating floors, suspended ceilings, isolated walls and acoustic underlayment.
We stock hundreds of acoustic products to address both industrial and architectural sound quality problems. Our acoustical products include foams, barrier materials & damping materials.

Sound solutions with world-class products.

We have the exclusive sales and distribution rights in Western Canada to leading products in noise and vibration control. Mason Industries and AtlasIED are two of the top product lines we carry. Our customers can be sure their solution will include the best possible product to solve their problem. Confidence is the result; the Vibra-Sonic Control solution will be appropriate and solve the problem, soundly.

“Vibra-Sonic Control always has a solution for my noise control problem. Even when I don’t know what I need.”


Solution Integrity

Solving your problem means delivering the right solution to meet the technical requirements of your project with the most appropriate products. We provide the exact product or service required, without offering more or less. That’s Vibra-Sonic solution integrity.

Technical Expertise

A team dedicated to solving noise and vibration challenges with over 75 years of combined experience. The Vibra-Sonic Control team are Material/Product Specialists in the field of Noise, Vibration and Seismic Control.