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Workplace Acoustics impact productivity and employee satisfaction.  By reducing noise distractions and speech intelligibility through sound masking, absorption and blocking employers improve privacy and reduce the negative effect on productivity.  The Vibra-Sonic Control team has worked on hundreds of Workplace Acoustic projects with architects, interior designers, consultants and facility managers over the past 40 years.  Our clients know they will get a complete solution from initial trouble-shooting, to design, installation and follow up.

Understanding the Noise Problem in Open Plan Offices

Furnishings, absorptive partitions and acoustical ceiling tiles are all designed to reduce reverberative sound, while the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are typically silenced to minimize offensive noise. Unfortunately, speech tends to travel long distances when such quiet ambient backgrounds are achieved. It is imperative that the design includes a good acoustical environment to complement the higher density found in today’s open offices.

How Sound Masking Works

In practice it involves the introduction of an electronically generated broadband sound into the area of concern which unobtrusively increases the ambient sound level, thus decreasing the intelligibility of speech sounds originating from neighbouring areas. Originally used in corridors outside interrogation rooms and areas deemed ‘highly confidential’, its greatest use now is in commercial and professional buildings, particularly where open-plan offices are involved.

The Role of Absorptive Panels in Workplace Acoustics

Sound absorbing panels control noise and excessive reverberation in indoor spaces. We provide panels for ceiling and wall applications from wall mount panels to ceiling hung baffles. 

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