Acoustical Products

Vibra-Sonic Control stocks hundreds of acoustic products right here in Western Canada to address a variety of applications.

Absorptive Panels

We proudly supply the Primacoustic range of acoustic materials which provide the effective reduction of reverberation at a great price. Learn more about the options: Broadway Acoustic Panels, Cloud Paintables, Lanterns, Nimbus panels, acoustic clouds and paintable or printable acoustic ceiling tiles.

Acoustical Foams, Barrier Materials and Composites

Acoustical foams are sound absorptive media that are designed to reduce reverberation/ amplification of airborne sound within an enclosed space, and/or, the reflection of sound off otherwise hard surfaces.

Barrier materials block/reflect airborne sound due to their relatively high cross-sectional mass.

Composite materials combine both foams and barriers for applications where both sound absorption and blocking are required.

Acoustical Damping Products

Acoustical Damping Products, when applied to a lightweight surface, reduce the amount of predominant vibration frequency(ies), and practically eliminate ‘resonant’ frequencies, being ‘telegraphed’ to the surrounding air.

Large surface area vibrating/resonating surfaces are better treated with extensional damping materials rather than with constrained layer materials as they are more effective on the lower frequencies typically generated by larger surface areas.