Acoustical Products

We stock hundreds of acoustic products right here in Western Canada to address a variety of applications. Whether it’s an industrial or architectural sound quality problem, we will find the product to best meet your needs.

Our acoustic products run the gamut of sound absorbing acoustic panels for an office to acoustical foam for recreational vehicles. From installing panels on walls or ceilings to mounting acoustic damping material in a home theater, we can help.

Visit our acoustic product pages below or contact one of our Acoustical Product team members for help or more information.

Absorptive Panels

Absorptive panels are most often used in the workplace to improve room acoustics. Strategically installed panels can greatly increase comfort and privacy for the occupants and make conversations easier to understand.

We proudly supply Primacoustic and ezoBord acoustic products. These outstanding acoustical solutions offer effective reduction of reverberation and are relatively easy to install.

Primacoustic range of acoustic materials provide effective reduction of reverberation at a great price. With four product lines, Primacoustic specializes in the design of acoustic products that meet the needs of various applications and markets. Many of their products are ideal for offices and conferences including acoustic wall panels and paintable or printable acoustic ceiling tiles.

EzoBord were pioneers in the field of design driven acoustics. With flexibility in design being a key feature of ezoBord products, the company offers a true design driven acoustic solution.

Acoustical Foams, Barrier Materials and Composites

Versatile and flexible, acoustic foam has many applications for both industrial and architectural requirements. Most of our acoustic foam products work exceptionally well for in-plant, data processing equipment and even Construction Machinery and Heavy Equipment noise control.

Acoustical foams are sound absorptive media that are designed to reduce reverberation/ amplification of airborne sound within an enclosed space, and/or, the reflection of sound off otherwise hard surfaces.

Barrier materials block/reflect airborne sound due to their relatively high cross-sectional mass.

Composite materials combine both foams and barriers for applications where both sound absorption and blocking are required.

Acoustical Damping Products

Acoustical Damping Products, when applied to a lightweight surface, reduce the amount of predominant vibration frequency(ies), and practically eliminate ‘resonant’ frequencies, being ‘telegraphed’ to the surrounding air.

There are two typical types of applied acoustical damping materials. At Vibra-Sonics, we are proud to carry both materials in the form of excellent quality products.

Extensional damping material works best when there is a large surface area that is vibrating/resonating. This is because they are more effective on the lower frequencies typically generated by larger surface areas. The extensional damping product we carry is Antivibe by Aquaplus. The product has a wide range of applications from metal doors to vehicle cab sheet metal.

Constrained layer damping material at Vibra-Sonic is in the form of damping pads. These pads can be used on most constructed surfaces including aluminum, steel, glass and fibreboard.