Silencer Systems

Sound Reduction for Air Conditioning (HVAC), Heating & Ventilation Systems

Silencer Systems

Parklane Mechanical Silencers are designed specifically for air conditioning (HVAC), heating and ventilation systems. They are used for noise control in both exterior and interior settings. 

Our customers sites most often have their own specifications and integration challenges. PMA Silencer Systems are designed to meet these site specific challenges along with acoustic performance which is substantiated with ASTM laboratory testing procedures.

Silencer Systems must smoothly function as an integral part of the aerodynamic systems they are attenuating.

Silencer System


Field-Fit Integration
Designed to integrate to true as-built site conditions, Parklane Mechanical Silencers also integrate to most types of equipment orientation.

Customized System Integration
To ensure seamless functionality within the root system, a number of customized options can be added to the base silencer design. This is done to ensure the system can be accessed for maintenance, be easily cleaned and other purposes.

Streamlined Aerodynamic Design
Through advanced CFD analysis, internal silencer geometries are aerodynamically streamlined. This is necessary in higher velocity arrangements.

Custom Material Selection and Finish
A variety of materials are available for the PMA Silencer Systems. Depending on environmental conditions, cost efficiency, internal pressure/flow velocity and orientation, we recommend the optimal material and finish for each project. In some cases, material is also chosen for its architectural appeal.

Delivery: Pre-Assembly or Modularity
Silencer arrangements are flexible in delivery method. We audit your site and optimize installation time by considering site interferences between the products’ offloading point and its final location. We will work with you to determine whether a pre-assembled kit or monolithic modular system design is best for your site.


  • Cooling Tower Intake
  • Air Cooled Condensing Unit
  • Dryer Exhaust Stack
  • Exhaust Stack Insert
  • Generator Room Exhase
  • High Plume Dilution Fan
  • Intake Stack
  • Mechanical Room Exhaust
  • Rooftop Condensing Unit
  • Rooftop Exhaust Fan
  • Rooftop VRF Unit
  • Scrubber Exhaust Stack