Sound Isolation Clips

Sound Isolation Clips from Regupol® Acoustics

Sound Isolation Clips are used to reduce sound transmissions from both airborne and impact noise in wood, steel or concrete construction. We are proud to represent the Regupol® SonusClip system. Very high quality sound isolation clips that increase acoustic performance for both airborne and impact ratings. Used for both interior walls and ceilings, Regupol® sound isolation clips are one of the most effective ways to significantly improve soundproofing for wood or steel framing.


Why Sound Isolation Clips?

Standard building techniques for walls and ceilings are designed for safety, but only for a limited amount of privacy and not for maintaining the acoustic integrity from one room to another. While a quality underlayment will provide soundproofing by mitigating sound transfer and noises from impacts, they do little to prevent the transfer of unwanted sounds and noises into adjacent rooms and without the addition of isolated walls they are susceptible to flanking paths. Sound isolation clips for drywall decouples the drywall from the metal or wood studs to block those unwanted noises.

The most common, and one of the most efficient ways to improve the acoustics of a ceiling or wall partition is with the use of resilient sound isolation clips. Sound isolation clips work to decouple a layer of drywall from wall studs and ceiling joists.

An often used alternative to resilient sound isolation clips is resilient channel. Unfortunately, resilient channel is usually improperly installed and the isolation is “short circuited”. At the time of installation, drywall is screwed through the resilient channel and into studs which effectively connects the drywall directly to the stud.

The screw creates a flanking path through the resilient channel, and can cause acoustic failure. Even one screw will render the acoustic channel ineffective. SonusClip prevents installation problems, and performs much better than resilient channel at stopping vibration and noise.

A Simple, Yet Elegant Solution – Regupol® SonusClip

The SonusClip effectively stops flanking noise by simply interrupting the path through which sound travels. Sound first comes into contact with the drywall, then travels through the drywall furring channel, and finally is absorbed by the resilient clip. This prevents sound from travelling onwards. The Regupol® SonusClip is highly effective at noise control.


Easy Installation

SonusClip installation is easy and fast. Installers require no special training, or certification. Any drywall, or carpentry, tradesperson can easily install SonusClip, by adding a few simple steps to normal stud and drywall assembly.

First, by following a typical chalk line layout, the SonusClip is simply screwed into the stud or joist. Next, a furring channel is snapped into the SonusClip, then, the drywall is screwed into the furring channel. Adding SonusClip, along with the furring channel adds less than 30 seconds to the installation of each drywall sheet.

With a design load rating of 36 lb., each SonusClip can support up to two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board when spaced no more than 24″ x 48″ on-center.

Our easy to follow installation guide provides step by step instructions, part sizes, layouts, and more.

Increased Acoustic Performance

These sound clips soundproofing abilities Increase acoustic performance for Sound Transmission Class (rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound ) and IIC (impact insulation class) ratings. The Regupol® SonusClips is particularly effective in the low and high frequencies when compared to resilient furring channels.


Helps Prevent Acoustic Short Circuits

SonusClips helps to prevent acoustic short circuits, the phenomenon where sound bypasses otherwise sound blocking materials. This is a very important consideration when researching sound isolation clips. Selecting a product that helps prevent acoustic short circuits is critical.

Great Value

Not only do these resilient clips soundproof highly effectively, they provide great value. They are inexpensive, compared to other options, while substantially reducing or getting rid of noise transfer through walls and ceilings with no visible architectural intrusions.

Regupol® SonusClip DE90

Reducing sound from transmitting as airborne and impact noise through walls and ceilings, the Regupol® SonusClip DE90 works with steel, concrete and wood construction. It eliminates the sound transfer pathways by decoupling wall framing and ceiling systems. The sound isolation clip has resilient rubber isolators which absorb energy and increase STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) acoustic ratings.

Specialty Applications

The Regupol® SonusClip DE90 has specific, specialty applications.

  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Cabinets
  • Speakers
  • Drop Ceilings
  • HVAC and plumbing
  • Garage door rails and motors
  • Room within a room
SonusClip DE90

Easy to Install

The SonusClip DE90 allows for multiple ways to decouple wall systems from ceilings, or to decouple finished wall systems from existing or new structural walls. Detailed instructions and examples are provided in the easy to follow instruction guide.

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