Purchasing Sound Masking

In order to realize the best results from your investment, Sound Masking Systems should be designed, installed, fine-tuned and maintained by those who specialize in noise and vibration control. Where overall office acoustics is a major issue and concern, the cost of an Acoustical Consultant is a worthwhile investment as they can not only look at all aspects of the space but can recommend the reputable specialist suppliers of acoustic tiles, partitions, barriers and masking systems. If sound masking is the only aspect that you are considering, the following provides a solid outline and approach to getting an effective and quality system:

First Things First

  • Meet with the Sound Masking Professional and become familiar with the variety of systems available (avoid those who only have a single , ‘one-size-fits-all’ system to offer)
  • Have a floor plan available (auto-cad or hard copy)
  • Prepare a list of information about your facility.
    1. Square footage
    2. Plenum space – height, amount of congestion
    3. Ceiling – concrete or steel, coated with fire-insulation
    4. T-bar – distance from floor
    5. Acoustic ceiling tile – mineral fiber, fiberglass, and foil backed etc.
    6. Indicate location of any drywall ceilings
    7. Walls – modular system walls, drywall (to the T-bar?, to the slab?)
    8. Cubicle panels – height, fabrication
    9. Carpeting?
    10. Density of occupation in the area
    11. Best location for the electronic equipment of the masking system
  • When possible take the consultant on a tour of your facility
  • Make your expectations clear and be sure to understand the limitations
  • Once the furnishings are installed you will need to organize a completely quiet time within the area where the sound masking is installed so the system can be properly tuned


Combinations and Possibilities

There is a sound masking system to meet every acoustical requirement!!

  • Small spaces
  • Large floor plates
  • Open environments
  • Closed offices
  • High ceilings
  • Ceiling pods
  • Warehouse-type open ceilings
  • Single floor or multi-floor

1 – 12 Speakers – SoundMaskIt NanoMaskIt, wireless system. All system components are installed in the ceiling. (225 – 2000 square feet).

12 – 30 Speakers, 2 zone – SoundMaskIt DSP2210/2212 , 2 zone system. All system components are installed in a free standing rack, or mounted on the wall. (2000 – 6750 square feet)

30 Plus Speakers – Centralized Digital Sound Masking/Paging/Music system – SoundMaskIt DSP8807 and DSP2210/2212 combinations customized to however many zones required. Single, multi-floor and full building projects.

Once we understand:
your facility,
your requirements,
your expectations and,
your budget we can design
your customized Sound Masking System!