Foundry Penticton

Project Profile:  Sound Masking

In this youth-focused wellness centre dialogue and counselling are key. So is ensuring confidentiality.  Foundry Penticton offers integrated health and social services for young people ages 12-24. Their mission is to provide safe, non-judgmental care, information and resources.

When we were nearing completion on our new clinic in Penticton, we were concerned that conversations in counseling rooms may be overheard from neighbouring rooms and corridors, and that privacy and confidentiality may become an issue in open workspaces. These issues had been successfully addressed in the Foundry Kelowna clinic by using sound masking, and based on the great feedback from them, we decided to install it in Foundry Penticton. Thanks to the Vibra-Sonic team for providing a system that fit our budget and requirements! We and our on-site partners are very pleased with the results. Our clients can have highly confidential conversations with their health care provider knowing that it stays private, and the transition for our staff into an open office environment has gone smoothly.


Kim Conroy, Manager, Foundry Penticton

Project Details

Location:Penticton, BC
Project:Medical Clinic required sound masking in all areas: exam rooms, offices, open offices, corridors, reception and waiting room.
Challenge:Potential for conversations from counselling rooms being overheard in neighbouring rooms and corridors. Concerns in open office area, low panels separating work areas reducing privacy concerns and traffic noise from busy road causing a distraction.
Solution:Adding sound masking to the open office area made the traffic noise less apparent and increased conversation privacy for the occupants. Sound masking was added to both the counselling rooms and corridors so that conversations room to room or room to corridor would be protected.
Result:Clients can be confident that conversations with their health care provider stay private. Sound masking in the new clinic's open office area resulted in a smooth transition for staff.