Robertson Walls and Ceilings

Project Profile: Sound Masking

Robertson Walls and Ceilings is one of BC’s leading contractors specializing in steel stud, drywall and acoustic ceilings. Their office is home to 180+ team members. Conversations originating in meeting rooms and offices were being heard in the open office areas, hallways, and reception. They reached out to Vibra-Sonic Control to help solve their problem with a sound masking solution.

“My company, Robertson Walls & Ceiling was experiencing issues with conversations in private offices and meeting rooms being overheard in other offices, hallways, open work areas, and the waiting room. Vibra-Sonic reviewed our 7500 sq. ft. office, provided recommendations for solving our privacy issues and implemented the solution. The process was straightforward, non-disruptive and successfully improved the privacy concerns in our office.”

Garth Robertson, President

Vibra-Sonic Control closed ceiling speaker in sound masking solution
Vibra-Sonic Control closed ceiling speaker
Vibra-Sonic Control sound masking in waiting area outside meeting room

Project Details

Location: Vancouver

Project:  Three key challenges needed to be overcome for a successful outcome to this office’s privacy issues.

Challenge: Various ceiling finishes required different sound masking products

Solution: Vibra-Sonic designed a system that utilized two speaker types: a utilitarian version for the closed ceilings and a more aesthetically pleasing version for the open ceiling areas.

Challenge: Key areas in office  required different privacy levels

Solution: Through the design and tuning process a solution was devised to meet desired privacy levels. The hallway outside the president’s office and the waiting area outside the meeting room were given isolated controls and their tuning settings were set to unique levels to address the masking requirement of those specific areas.

Challenge: An already occupied office required a retrofit solution without disrupting productivity

Solution: The installation process took place after hours and the system volume was ramped up over a number of days so that the occupants habituated to the sound slowly

Result: Conversations originating in the areas of concern were rendered unintelligible to occupants in neighbouring areas.


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