Three Bridges Community Health Care Centre

Project Profile: Sound Masking

After a new  Fraser Health community health centre opened in a renovated 5-story building in downtown Vancouver, it became evident that speech privacy and noise was an issue for patients and staff. Vibra-Sonic Control completed a retro-fit sound masking solution on three floors to facilitate patient/health care provider conversation confidentiality.

“The installation of sound masking at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre resulted in a dramatic improvement in acoustic performance. The system was successful in rendering speech unintelligible between clinical rooms at elevated speech volume levels. Thank you to Danielle and the Vibra Sonic team for providing a successful solution to our problem. You were helpful and professional every step of the way. ”

Curtis Bagan, BASC, PMP, LEED AP O+M

Senior Project Manager – Fraser Health

Vibra-Sonic Control sound masking project location_Three Rivers Community Health Care Centre

Result: Conversations originating in clinical spaces were unintelligible to occupants in neighbouring areas allowing clients to feel confident sharing sensitive information with their health care provider.


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Project Details

Location: Downtown Vancouver

Project: Addition of sound masking on floors 1, 3 and 4; ninety-four speakers over approximately  21,000 square feet of medical clinic.

Challenge: Conversations between health care practitioners and patients in clinical rooms was being overheard from neighbouring rooms and the corridor.

Solution: Sound masking was added to all clinical rooms, areas beside and near exam rooms, waiting rooms and corridors. Speech and noise were masked by raising the overall level of sound throughout the clinic in a controlled fashion, using a series of speakers that emit an unobtrusive, comfortable engineered sound. In this medical clinic application, sound masking reduced the distance at which conversations are intelligible.