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Project Profile: Floating Floors

Fitness centres, weightlifting gyms and cross fit gyms can be a real problem due to high impact and noisy loads that are difficult to isolate with traditional floating floors.  In a mixed-use property with residential and other retail tenants, this situation can pose a great risk to property owners and challenges for property managers.

In this project profile, impact noise from dropped free weights and other fitness activities radiated from one tenant to a retail tenant below.

Vibra-Sonic Control Project Steve Nash Floating Floor Mounts

Project Details

Location: Abbotsford

Project: The project includes one floor under the free weights section of the gym

Challenge: When the gym was being fitted acoustic tests revealed a major issue with noise and vibration in the Old Navy located below. A 60 lb kettlebell dropped from knee height onto standard gym mounts was enough to rattle the windows in the Old Navy.

Solution: A section of the gym floor was cut out and 4″ of concrete and 4″ of rigid insulation was removed so that we could install 2″ deflection jack up spring mounts within a 4″ concrete slab. The concrete slab was lifted 4″ to match the original elevation.

Results: The gym opened and there was no conflict between the 2 tenants. By catching it early, there was also no disruption to the gym’s ability to service their customers.

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