Add pink noise through a sound masking solution for better focus and conversation privacy.

Using sound to solve noise problems in the office is the solution interior designers, architects and acoustic consultants use. This solution is sound masking. It’s a solution designed for each space and worker comfort for general office settings, reception areas and meeting spaces. It is important to know that different ‘colours’ of noise deliver different sound properties and so some are better than others for the workplace. 

Which is better to combat office noise: pink noise or white noise?

You have likely heard of white noise, pink noise maybe not. There is a difference and one is better for controlling background noise and conversation privacy. Pink noise is more pleasant and specially calibrated for how we hear. It’s what all our sound masking systems use. White noise is very bright and hissy, less comfortable to the human ear.

Pink noise

Pink noise can mask background sounds like conversations helping to prevent breaks in concentration, improving productivity and lessening worker frustrations. Pink noise is made up of various frequencies like white noise but with two major differences. 

  1. Pink noise delivers less intensity in the higher frequencies and more intensity at the lower end of the spectrum. This makes for a softer sound than white noise. Imagine the sound of steady light to medium rainfall or the distant sound of constant traffic.
  2. Pink noise is calibrated to sound balanced to the human ear; the tone has reduced high pitch sounds, is deeper overall and more pleasant.  Pink noise is beneficial for alert yet relaxed concentration, perfect for the workplace. Vibra-Sonic Control sound masking systems use pink noise for optimal sound masking effectiveness.

Where is sound masking used?

Sound masking can be used in:

  • open offices with cross-functional employees working in the same area
  • closed offices where quiet or privacy is required
  • meeting rooms where confidentiality is essential
  • hallways
  • reception areas
  • lunchrooms or common areas where employees or guests may be impacted by conversation noise.

Learn more about sound masking here or contact our team of sound masking experts for help in solving your office noise and conversation privacy challenges

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