Noise Control

Central Library exterior_credit Michael Grimm tight crop

Calgary New Central Library

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The Calgary New Central Library is an award-winning architectural jewel. The world-class library facility built above a Light Rail Transit Line offers 4 floors of varied programming. Controlling vibration and sound from the LRT and diverse activities in soaring open spaces and closed, specific-function rooms was accomplished through architectural acoustic solutions. As the architectural acoustic […]

Calgary Parking Authority

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The Calgary Parking Authority’s Impound Lot is also home to a customer and back office support centre.  The sound from a critical area of the office, one designed for public-facing transactions like payments for towing and parking, was negatively impacting back office workers. A sound masking solution overcame four challenges in the workspace.
Photo of Calgary Parking Authority - Vibra Sonic Control Sound Masking project
Vibra-Sonic Control Project Steve Nash Floating Floor Mounts

Steve Nash Fitness World at High Street

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When a 60 lb kettlebell dropped from knee height was enough to rattle the windows of the retail tenant below, this popular fitness centre solved the problem with a floating floor.

Anvil Centre

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Anvil Centre is a four-story civic facility with conference facilities, multi-purpose rooms and studios and a flexible 350 non-proscenium theatre. The theatre can be used in a number of configurations with retractable seating without overloading the floor mounts. The rooftop floating slab mitigates any noise from nearby aircraft, stopping airborne sound transmission.

Woodward’s Redevelopment / SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

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Eight floating floors were required for the SFU School of Contemporary Arts project. This solution ensured airborne noise and vibration from a generator on an upper floor did not negatively impact the theatres or office spaces within the complex.