Concrete Inertia Bases

BMK Mounts

A set of Mason BMK concrete inertia bases recently prepared for a client

Did you know that ASHRAE recommends that all flexible-coupled pumps be installed on concrete inertia bases, regardless of horsepower when using vibration isolators?  The primary purpose of the concrete inertia base is to provide strength in order to limit excess movement, and only on large pumps over 75 HP does the mass of the inertia base also become critical for mitigating vibration, so even on systems with only 3 or 5 horsepower you run the risk of putting strain on the coupling if mounting directly on isolators.

For every size of base mounted pump Vibra-Sonic Control has an affordable and convenient option for contractors with the Mason BMK bases.  As a bolt together design using light weight steel sections, the bases can be assembled on site for those hard to get to mechanical rooms or pre-assembled in our shop and shipped to site ready to be filled with concrete.
Next time your project calls for vibration isolation on the flexible coupled base mounted pumps give us a call and we will be happy to work with your team to find the best solution.


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