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Regupol Sonusclip
  One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve the acoustics of a ceiling or wall partition is with the use of resilient sound isolation clips like the SonusClip from Regupol Acoustics. Used in combination with hat track, these resilient rubber isolators are designed to break the hard connection between the drywall and...
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The assemblies that separate suites in multi-family buildings, be it demising walls or floor-ceiling assemblies, have minimum acoustic requirements in the building code so that occupants can expect a reasonable degree of privacy and quiet in their space. These requirements are minimum ratings that are applied to both walls and floor-ceiling assemblies. The rating that...
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Isolating equipment so that their vibrations don’t get into the structure and create noise problems throughout the building is a critical component of building construction. Watch as Vibra-Sonic’s Senior VISR Technologist, Tony Adamson, demonstrates how structures can amplify noise…..
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Four new webinars presented by Vibra-Sonic Control deliver 4 different opportunities to boost your knowledge about noise and vibration control in the built environment. Register now - 2 dates for each webinar.
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Vibra-Sonic Control introduces the Regupol® SonusClip™ to Western Canada. It reduces sound transmissions in interior walls and ceilings. And, it will be easy for Western Canadian building contractors, architects and acoustic consultants to access as our Vibra-Sonic warehouse will carry SonusClip inventory in Burnaby, BC.
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updated December 13, 2018 Weightlifting gyms and cross fit gyms can be a real problem due to high impact loads that are difficult to isolate with traditional floating floors. Mason Industries worked with several sound consultants to develop a specially designed double floor system for these troublesome areas. Mason Industries always recommends the use of...
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