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Vibra-Sonic Control
Create a learning opportunity for your team. Book times for private, single firm online presentations. Four presentations offered on noise and vibration control in the built environment.
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Using sound to solve disruptive office noise problems is the solution interior designers, architects and acoustic consultants use.
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In order to gain a basic understanding of ‘Acoustical Damping’, there are a number of equally basic principles that one should first understand. From Vibration comes Airborn Energy; Sound We know that all airborne ‘Sound’ (airborne energy to which the human ear is responsive) is created by vibration. Acoustic energy is simply converted from one...
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Vibration isolation, though simple in concept, can be quite complex in practice. The rule-of-thumb is that an isolation medium needs to have a natural frequency, under gravitational load, at least 1/3 lower than the disturbing vibration created by an energized system (Note: This is usually a Mechanical or Electrical piece of equipment but could be...
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Noise Control Principles For HVAC Design From: Improving HVAC Acoustics, FacilitiesNet Noise control considerations and low background sound levels are critical for many kinds of buildings: not only listening spaces like performance halls, but also residences, offices, schools, and laboratories. Planning for good acoustical design is best when started early in a project. When the...
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