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VIBRA-SONIC CONTROL PARTNERS WITH PARKLANE TO PROVIDE SUPERIOR MECHANICAL NOISE CONTROL SYSTEMS   Parklane Mechanical’s Noise Control products are specifically engineered to provide effective noise mitigation and enhances Vibra-Sonic’s suite of custom solutions for noise control in new construction and existing building retrofits   VANCOUVER, CANADA – Vibra-Sonic Control (“Vibra-Sonic”), Western Canada’s technical expert in...
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Regupol Sonusclip
  One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve the acoustics of a ceiling or wall partition is with the use of resilient sound isolation clips like the SonusClip from Regupol Acoustics. Used in combination with hat track, these resilient rubber isolators are designed to break the hard connection between the drywall and...
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Many sound masking systems offer additional features beyond the main elements of an effective sound masking. Learn what they are and when to use them.
Sound Masking
The assemblies that separate suites in multi-family buildings, be it demising walls or floor-ceiling assemblies, have minimum acoustic requirements in the building code so that occupants can expect a reasonable degree of privacy and quiet in their space. These requirements are minimum ratings that are applied to both walls and floor-ceiling assemblies. The rating that...
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Vibration and instability can shorten the life of any equipment. It can also result in distracting noise that can disrupt critical workflows and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes. It is important to find a solution to these unwanted vibration and noise problems. Both to maximize the life of industrial machinery and keep work and...
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Isolating equipment so that their vibrations don’t get into the structure and create noise problems throughout the building is a critical component of building construction. Watch as Vibra-Sonic’s Senior VISR Technologist, Tony Adamson, demonstrates how structures can amplify noise…..
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Create a learning opportunity for your team. Book times for private, single firm online presentations. Four presentations offered on noise and vibration control in the built environment.
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Four new webinars presented by Vibra-Sonic Control deliver 4 different opportunities to boost your knowledge about noise and vibration control in the built environment. Register now - 2 dates for each webinar.
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New Sound Masking processor technology that delivers more user-friendly features. Enhanced privacy settings for more confidential meetings. Advanced 24/7 volume scheduling for more productive offices. Download Vibra-Sonic’s Spec Sheet: AtlasIED  ASP- MG2240 Specifying the right sound masking system for your client’s project is time-consuming and hard. We make it easy for you with *custom speaker...
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