Vibration Isolation

Vibration and instability can shorten the life of any equipment. It can also result in distracting noise that can disrupt critical workflows and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes. It is important to find a solution to these unwanted vibration and noise problems. Both to maximize the life of industrial machinery and keep work and...
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Four new webinars presented by Vibra-Sonic Control deliver 4 different opportunities to boost your knowledge about noise and vibration control in the built environment. Register now - 2 dates for each webinar.
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Vibra-Sonic Control is now representing a world leader in recycled rubber acoustics & vibration isolation, Regupol America. You will be impressed with Regupol’s history of utilizing recycled rubber in all their products like acoustic underlayment, vibration isolation, surfacing for indoor sports, outdoor running tracks, and turf shock products. They deliver high-performance materials in quality products...
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Vibration isolation, though simple in concept, can be quite complex in practice. The rule-of-thumb is that an isolation medium needs to have a natural frequency, under gravitational load, at least 1/3 lower than the disturbing vibration created by an energized system (Note: This is usually a Mechanical or Electrical piece of equipment but could be...
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