A floating floor system specifically tailored for gyms from industry leader, Mason

updated December 13, 2018

Weightlifting gyms and cross fit gyms can be a real problem due to high impact loads that are difficult to isolate with traditional floating floors. Mason Industries worked with several sound consultants to develop a specially designed double floor system for these troublesome areas.

Mason Industries always recommends the use of a professional sound consultant to analyze the project characteristics and acoustic goals, so that they can make the best recommendations for the project. Installation conditions such as structure type, location, and required performance are critical and can only be addressed by a sound consultant.

The design that Mason Industries has developed is based on results of tests that were done a few years ago. They did the testing after several standard floor installations did not perform up to standards in weightlifting areas. Their testing revealed that an FS Spring 4″ concrete floor topped with an EAFM double layout plywood floor topped with a typical 1″ commercial weightlifting area rubber pad produced the best results. This is becuase the EAFM wood floor protects the concrete floor and springs from the initial sharp impact by spreading the impact effect out, then the concrete floor and springs provide the required impact isolation and sound attenuation.

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