New product: 3-in–1 sound masking solution with enhanced speech privacy mode

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Offices that want superior sound privacy, background music and paging in an all-in-one system will be interested in the AtlasIED Z series.

It’s a high definition sound masking system that is easy to use and offers technical features enabling it to conform to most design specifications.

Use the enhanced speech privacy mode when a high degree of speech privacy is warranted in areas such as conference rooms or offices.  This feature is accomplished by a hardwired switch, an iOS® or Android® application, or using an optional wireless desktop / wall mount switch. A wired or wireless sign is available for a visual aid to let meeting attendees know when Speech Privacy Enhancement is active.

Z Series from AtlasIED offers direct but diffused sound masking

  • 2- zone High Definition Acoustical System
  • 4 zone High Definition Acoustical System
  • Wireless Enhanced Speech Privacy Activation Sign

The Z Series includes a multitude of features enabling it to conform to most design requirements but remains intuitive enough for simple operation and quick installation. The Z Series is designed to be aesthetically pleasing for office or conference room applications seamlessly blending in to a variety of decors. Z Series placement is flexible allowing for mounting on a surface, in the wall, or in an equipment rack. The Z2-B model delivers quality audio and speech privacy in spaces up to 7000 sq ft with two-zones of control flexibility. The Z4-B model features four-zones of audio with total potential sound masking coverage of up to 14,000 sq ft. This compact integrated solution features out of the box selectable system configuration presets that are accessible through the front panel display and navigation keys. The combination of these features makes for a simple but effective speech privacy and audio control solution.

Multi-Source Functionality

Both Z Series models are designed to support sound masking as well as paging/background music applications. Each unit includes integrated pink and white noise generators for sound masking applications as well as a mic/line input for paging/BGM and Bluetooth receiver for wireless music transmission.

Multi-Zone Design

Both Z Series models include multiple zones for a variety of installation configurations. Each model can function exclusively in a multi-zone indirect sound masking application or a mixed use application where zones can be used as sound masking while others can be utilized for paging or background music.

Easy Installation

Both Z series models can be mounted multiple ways including in-wall, surface mount, or rack mount. Once installed all hardware and wiring is located behind the secure front panel making it convenient for integrators to centrally locate all wiring without the need for a cabinet. The front panel display allows for system programming as well as end user control post installation.

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More about the z-series

The Z Series is a multi-zone speech privacy system that also supports background music and paging applications.

Model Z2-B is a two-zone speech privacy system providing 40-watts of total amplification and model Z4-B is four-zone speech privacy system delivering up to 80-watts of amplification.

The Z Series is an all-in-one solution that not only supplies high quality speech privacy, but also can deliver high quality background music and paging. Mic / line and music inputs each have a five-band equalizer and Hi and Lo pass filters to assure maximum performance.

Music inputs incorporate either analog stereo summed inputs or Bluetooth® streaming.

For paging applications, the Z Series incorporates a unique hi-Q feedback filter specifically tailored to the vocal frequency range. Output limiters are in the audio chain to protect against system overdrive.

Advanced features of the Z Series include separate analog masking generators per zone, 14-day system commissioning ramp per zone, and PC project design software allows system custom project files to meet installation needs.

For conference room applications where secure speech privacy is required, the Z Series features a Speech Privacy Enhancement mode that can be engaged while a meeting is in progress. Enhanced Privacy mode applies additional acoustical energy to the surrounding environment, increasing the privacy levels for the conference room occupants. These unique secured speech filters have been approved and implemented in many installations around the world including military and government facilities. Activation of the Speech Privacy Enhancement feature is accomplished via a hardwired switch, an iOS® or Android® application, or using an optional wireless desktop / wall mount switch. An optional wired or wireless sign is available for a visual aid to notify attendees when Enhanced Privacy Mode is active.

AtlasIED Z series data sheet