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Danielle Macey, Vibra-Sonic Control partner and workplace acoustics specialist spoke to writer Robin Brunet for the February issue of Award magazine. The article,  “Come to Your Senses. The long-term value of professionals in the world of audio visual systems” examines the trend of  DIY integrations for audio visual solutions. As with many technical solutions, getting the best product and the most out of it means seeking the advice of an expert. 

Quote from Award magazine article: “Come to Your Senses. The long-term value of professionals in the world of audio visual systems”

Award Magazine, February 2019
Award Magazine, February 2019

“Danielle Macey, workplace acoustics specialist and partner with Vibra-Sonic Control, is excited about a new system that will help her company continue to fulfill its mandate of effectively addressing a wide variety of noise and vibration issues. Vibra-Sonic’s large inventory offers an extensive range of products for noise and vibration reduction, seismic restraint and sound masking. Macey says, “In the coming months we’ll be supplying and installing the Z Series from manufacturers AtlasIED as a full turnkey solution in the sound masking realm.” She is referring to a system that not only supplies high-quality speech privacy, but also delivers high-quality background music and paging. The Z Series includes a multitude of features, enabling it to conform to most design requirements but remaining intuitive enough for simple operation and quick installation. Macey concludes, “The beauty of this series is its adaptability to accommodate direct and indirect field masking needs, and it allows for enhanced speech privacy: if someone in a meeting room requires extra privacy, all they have to do is hit a button, and extra masking will come into play in areas of the room they don’t want the conversation to be heard.”

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Expert advice and a new 3-in-1 AtlasIED sound masking solution

To design an effective sound masking system, you need to have knowledge of acoustics, electronics and commercial construction. More than just installation, a successful sound masking solution is custom designed and tuned for  the space.  The design and tuning of a sound masking system are what determine its success.

Our team at Vibra-Sonic Control is a leader in workplace acoustics and the number one  AtlasIED Sound Masking rep in Canada. People come to us because we have specialized skills and years of experience in sound masking design and tuning.

Learn more about the AtlasIED Z-series; an all in one sound masking solution for conversation privacy, paging and music.

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