Sound Masking

Foundry Penticton

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This wellness centre, Foundry Penticton, offers integrated health and social services for young people ages 12-24. Conversation privacy concerns in the counselling rooms, corridors and open office area necessitated the addition of sound masking to ensure client confidentiality.

Calgary Parking Authority

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The Calgary Parking Authority’s Impound Lot is also home to a customer and back office support centre.  The sound from a critical area of the office, one designed for public-facing transactions like payments for towing and parking, was negatively impacting back office workers. A sound masking solution overcame four challenges in the workspace.
Photo of Calgary Parking Authority - Vibra Sonic Control Sound Masking project
Vibra-Sonic Control sound masking project location_Three Rivers Community Health Care Centre

Three Bridges Community Health Care Centre

After a community medical centre moved into a renovated 4-story space, it became evident that private conversations between health care practitioners and patients in clinical rooms could be heard. Vibra-Sonic Control completed a retro-fit sound masking solution on three of the floors to facilitate patient / health care provider conversation confidentiality. 

Robertson Walls and Ceilings

Conversations originating in meeting rooms and offices were being heard in open office areas, hallways, and reception. This busy office reached out to Vibra-Sonic Control to help solve their problem with a sound masking solution.
Vibra-Sonic Control Sound masking solution for office