New to Western Canada – Regupol America Acoustics & Vibration products

Yes! Vibra-Sonic Control is now representing a world leader in recycled rubber acoustics & vibration isolation.

We are excited to announce an addition to our noise and vibration control solutions. Our firm, Vibra-Sonic Control, is now the authorized representative for Regupol America Acoustics & Vibration products in Western Canada.
Danielle Macey & Stacy Wolfe, Vibra-Sonic Control partners

More solutions to control noise and vibration

Adding Regupol to our product lineup makes sense for our customers. It enables us to offer a complementary range of world-class products to our other leading noise and vibration control solutions.  We are proud to work with industry leaders Regupol, Mason Industries and AtlasIED.

Why use Regupol products?

Regupol is a recognized world market leader for rubber surfacing, vibration and acoustic products for the built environment. We are especially impressed with Regupol’s history of utilizing recycled rubber in all their products like acoustic underlayment, vibration isolation, surfacing for indoor sports, outdoor running tracks, and turf shock products.  They deliver high-performance materials in quality products that meet the exacting standards of engineers and building professionals.

Regupol Acoustics & Vibration products

As a worldwide leader in the noise control field with over 50 years of experience, Regupol Acoustics’ portfolio includes some of the most prestigious projects worldwide.  You’ll find their products used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Their acoustic and vibration products are GreenCircle Certified, confirming their sustainability and recycled content.

  • Acoustic floor underlayments
  • Floating floors systems
  • Resilient sound isolation clips
  • Vibration isolation rubbers
  • Foams
  • And much more.

Sustainable manufacturing & LEED

Regupol America products are manufactured sustainably in the US  and created from post-consumer recycled rubber.  They are Green Circle certified and their products can help a building earn points in many LEEDv4 categories. Regupol products are manufactured sustainably and meet the stricter LEED and Environmental Product Disclosures guidelines.

Learn more about Regupol America’s commitment to sustainability here:

Learn more about Regupol products in Western Canada

It’s easy. Give us a call or send us an email, and we can get together to look at the products that are right for your building project. We have products samples and solutions for applications where controlling noise and vibration is critical:

  • sports & fitness facilities, 
  • vibration isolation in multi-residential, commercial and 
  • industrial buildings 
  • vibration isolation of mechanical equipment or machines
  • rubber commercial flooring 
  • acoustic floor underlay
  • sound absorption through floating floors in convention centres, performing arts facilities, fitness centres, rooftops, schools, airports and more 

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