Vibra-Sonic’s new noise control products create buzz at Buildex.

If you missed seeing us at Buildex, you may want to know about the noise control products visitors to our booth were buzzing about.

Our new product line from Regupol America generated lots of interest at the recent Buildex. Regupol has been creating best-in-class products from recycled rubber for over 65 years and Vibra-Sonic Control is proud to be the exclusive Western Canadian representative for their sustainably manufactured Acoustic and Vibration Products.

Of particular interest to Buildex attendees was the Regupol® SonusClip™ which reduces sound transmissions in interior walls and ceilings. It will be easy to access for Western Canadian customers as our Vibra-Sonic warehouse will carry SonusClip inventory in Burnaby, BC.

With this product, airborne and impact noise in wood, steel or concrete construction is reduced with Regupol® SonusClip™ .

 The SonusClip™ system allows the gypsum wall board to float and absorb energy due to the resilient rubber isolators, causing an increase in the acoustic performance for both STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) ratings.

How the Regupol Resilient Sound Isolation Clip works.

The Regupol®  SonusClip™  is a resilient sound isolation clip used to attach gypsum wall board (GWB) to interior walls and ceilings. Regupol®  SonusClip™  is designed to reduce airborne and impact sound transmission. The SonusClip™  can be used in wood, steel, and concrete construction. Each SonusClip™   has a design load rating of 36 lbs. and can support up to two layers of 5/8” gypsum board when spaced no more than 24” x 48” on-center.

  • Increases acoustic performance for STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) ratings
  • Easy and quick to install
  • For walls and ceilings
  • Use in wood, steel & concrete construction
  • Helps prevent acoustic short circuits
  • Design load rating of 36 lbs. per clip
  • UL fire tested and approved
  • Recycled rubber content

Click here to download the Regupol®  SonusClip™ datasheet for specifications on interior wall and floor-ceiling assemblies.

Have questions? Call or email us to discuss your project. 

Learn about Regupol products in Western Canada.

It’s easy. Give us a call or send us an email, and we can get together to look at the products that are right for your building project. Regupol offers noise control solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications. And, they are GreenCircle Certified confirming their recycled content and ensuring their sustainability.

We have products samples and solutions for applications where controlling noise and vibration is critical:

  • sports & fitness facilities, 
  • vibration isolation in multi-residential, commercial and 
  • industrial buildings 
  • vibration isolation of mechanical equipment or machines
  • rubber commercial flooring 
  • acoustic floor underlay
  • sound absorption through floating floors in convention centres, performing arts facilities, fitness centres, rooftops, schools, airports and more 

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