Sound masking to prevent conversation noise and privacy issues in a financial services workspace.

People Group_Vibra-Sonic client

Recent 4-floor office project solves two common productivity issues.

Most of us have worked in an office where both conversation privacy and disruptions from other people talking are an issue.

  • Crosstalk impacts productivity by breaking our focus from the sounds of conversation travelling over dividers, walls or through ducting. This issue happens in both open and closed offices.
  • Ensuring privacy, on the other hand, is about protecting confidential conversations.  Speech sounds from meeting rooms or offices should be private and unintelligible.

Integrating sound masking into workspace design.

We recently completed a 4-floor office project, working with the designers at Dialog who integrated our sound masking solution into their design.

Image of plans for noise reduction in office

The client, Peoples Group, wanted sound masking to prevent two common issues; distracting crosstalk in the open areas conversations and conversations from meeting rooms being overheard in adjacent areas. For us, this project was straight forward, and as with all our projects, was custom designed for the space to solve specific issues including accommodation for variations of ceiling finish.

We are proud to have been a part of this project from start to finish. We are always honoured to work with the talented design team at Dialog to integrate Sound Masking into their creative vision. Once in the field, we were pleased to work with with the accomplished team at CDC Construction who brought the design to life.

Danielle Macey, Workplace Acoustics Specialist | Partner

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