Specify the sound masking system with enhanced privacy benefits.

New Sound Masking processor technology that delivers more user-friendly features.

  • Enhanced privacy settings for more confidential meetings.
  • Advanced 24/7 volume scheduling for more productive offices.

Download Vibra-Sonic’s Spec Sheet: AtlasIED  ASP- MG2240

Specifying the right sound masking system for your client’s project is time-consuming and hard.

We make it easy for you with *custom speaker layouts and a Spec Sheet with all the information you need. And, your client gets the best sound masking solution for their requirements by specifying the Atlas IED Sound Masking System ASP-MG2240.

Privacy setting indicator for AtlasIED Sound Masking System from vibra-Sonic Control

How the Enhanced Privacy Setting works:

When highly confidential conversations are anticipated in office meetings or boardrooms the volume of sound masking in the areas adjacent to the meeting room can be increased. With the touch of a wall-mounted button the Enhanced Privacy Function is engaged, masking the conversation for anyone outside of the meeting space. With the discreet optional wall mounted LED sign the occupants in and/or outside of the meeting space can be sure the Enhanced Privacy Function is on.

Why Advanced 24/7 Scheduling makes sense:

Activity levels of workspace occupants may change throughout the day or week. The ability to schedule and control sound masking can enhance worker productivity and make for a more comfortable work space. For example, the level of sound masking for a large team would be uncomfortable for a small team. Having easily scheduled masking allows for greater flexibility with energy savings as a bonus.

In combination with the many functions of the new AtlasIED processors, our team of experts can help you address privacy and productivity requirements in the office environment. Each AtlasIED solution will be custom designed for each client’s facility, installed and commissioned for optimal performance.

*Need help designing and specifying a Sound Masking System for your project? Let our team assist with creating a custom speaker layout for your tender drawings according to your client’s requirements.

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