Why conversation privacy is important for medical offices.

Patient confidentiality requires protection. 

Patient privacy concerns go beyond medical record keeping. Conversations about or to patients in patients in examining rooms, hallways and reception areas are at risk of being overheard by other patients. We have likely all been in a situation where we have overheard a conversation we shouldn’t be able to hear. For patients, privacy is paramount. For doctors, patient privacy is part of your duty in delivering quality care.

Challenge: How to soundproof a medical office without costly renovations and minimal disruption?

Solution: Sound Masking. 

A sound masking system in your office can be installed without incurring the cost and disruption of a renovation. It will emit a low-level sound that will mask conversations, making speech unintelligible. You and your staff won’t even notice the low-level noise.

Confidentiality is of great importance in medical environments; a sound masking solution can help you meet patient expectations of conversation privacy.

The right sound masking solution for every office situation:

Our experts at Vibra-Sonic Control use solutions from the world leader in speech privacy technology, AtlasIED. We have access to a full array of sound masking solutions customizable for any situation where speech privacy is critical. Around the world and right here in Western Canada, doctor’s offices, medical clinics and hospitals use sound masking to enhance conversation unintelligibility.

  • Let’s schedule a time to discuss the sound transference challenges you are facing
  • We will meet with you at your office after hours
  • Our expert will assess with you whether sound masking is an appropriate solution
  • You will provide drawings of the space (furniture and reflected ceiling plans ideally) 
  • Vibra-Sonic Control will submit a solution proposal for your review
  • The system is installed and calibrated after-hours so that there is no impact on staff and patients
  • The system’s sound is ramped up over two weeks so that occupants can habituate to the sound

What you can expect from a sound masking system installation with Vibra-Sonic Control:

  • A wide range of products to suit varying office sizes, uses, and finishes.
  •  An unobtrusive and quick installation
  • A low-maintenance, worry-free system
  • On-going support from our office acoustics specialists
  • Improved conversation privacy in areas where sound masking is installed; between examination rooms, in hallways outside of exam rooms, in waiting rooms and reception areas.

Medical Office Sound Masking Project examples:

Foundry Penticton

We recently developed and installed a sound masking solution for a wellness centre in British Columbia, Foundry Penticton. They offer integrated health and social services for young people ages 12-24. Conversation privacy concerns in the counselling rooms, corridors and open office area necessitated the addition of sound masking to ensure client confidentiality. The result: Clients can be confident that conversations with their health care providers stay private. Sound masking in the new clinic’s open office area resulted in a smooth transition for staff.

“When we were nearing completion on our new clinic in Penticton, we were concerned that conversations in counseling rooms may be overheard from neighbouring rooms and corridors, and that privacy and confidentiality may become an issue in open workspaces…. Thanks to the Vibra-Sonic team for providing a system that fit our budget and requirements! We and our on-site partners are very pleased with the results. Our clients can have highly confidential conversations with their health care provider knowing that it stays private, and the transition for our staff into an open office environment has gone smoothly.

Kim Conroy, Manager, Foundry Penticton

Three Bridges Community Health Centre

After a community medical centre moved into a renovated 4-story space, it became evident that private conversations between health care practitioners and patients in clinical rooms could be heard. Vibra-Sonic Control completed a retro-fit sound masking solution on three of the floors to facilitate patient/health care provider conversation confidentiality. Speech and noise were masked by raising the overall level of sound throughout the clinic in a controlled fashion, using a series of speakers that emit an unobtrusive, comfortable engineered sound. In this medical clinic application, sound masking reduced the distance at which conversations are intelligible.

“The installation of sound masking at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre resulted in a dramatic improvement in acoustic performance. The system was successful in rendering speech unintelligible between clinical rooms at elevated speech volume levels. Thank you to Danielle and the Vibra Sonic team for providing a successful solution to our problem. You were helpful and professional every step of the way.”

Curtis Bagan, BASC, PMP, LEED AP O+M

Senior Project Manager – Fraser Health

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What is Sound Masking

Soft, non-distracting background sound is added to each zone within an office space through a concealed speaker system. The ambient sound it emits reduces conversation intelligibility, enhancing speech privacy, staff comfort and productivity. In medical environments, sound masking is used in examination rooms, hallways, conference rooms and reception or waiting areas. Because sound masking is most beneficial at making speech incomprehensible, it is a valuable tool to maintain patient/doctor conversation confidentiality.

 Learn more about Vibra-Sonic Control Sound Masking solutions.

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